Comprehensive Understanding of Your Brain Functions through State-Of-The-Art Brain Quotient Scan

The EEG BRAIN Analysis (EEG Test) utilizes the state-of-the-art NeuroBrain Scan, a scientific and data-driven assessment tool to examine and analyze the brainwaves, so as to determine the functionalities at different parts of the brain. The results from the electroencephalogram (EEG) test displayed on a real-time 3-D brainwave diagram will be analyzed by the Korean  Brain Science Institute, to generate a EEG Brain Report. Hence, based on the generated EEG Brain Report, consultants will be able to professionally interpret and advise the participants on the mode of neurofeedback training program required to optimize the brain functions comprehensively.

What’s included in a Brain Quotient Report:

• Basic Rhythm Quotient

• Self Regulation Quotient

• Attention Quotient

• Activity Quotient

• Emotion Quotient

• Stress Quotient

• Correlation Quotient

• Neurofeedback training plan

• 3-D brainwave diagram