Provide excellent Brain Quotient Analysis and Neurofeedback Training

We will do this by:

• Building a Professional, Caring and Supportive team offering quality service to all those in need of improving their brain potential.

• Providing Brain Quotient Scan and Report which help an individual or parents understand the state of their own / their child’s health, learning ability or work performance.

• Offering Brain Activation Consultation Support and Neurofeedback Training Programs that help people with the following needs to achieve improvements:

  • Learning ability and performance issues – such as forgetfulness, lack of concentration, attention deficits, slow to respond, low efficiency in task/homework completion, weak in absorbing or understanding;

  • Learning or personality disorder issues – such as hyperactivity, autism, language barriers;

  • Brain development and degradation issues – such as the brain retardation, gifted, brain degeneration, memory loss ... ;

  • Emotional problems – such as anxiety, manic depression, mood swings;

  • Sleep and physiological problems – such as insomnia, dreams, poor quality of sleep, difficulty falling asleep, tic ;

  • Work and social issues – such as poor creativity, problem-solving or   communication skills, adaptability weakness, etc.


We, as a Team destine to build a Brain-Mind-Body Healthy Community.

In contributing to construct a truly rational, harmonious and inclusive community, we are dedicated to support individuals and majority (all) of Malaysian members to embrace and acquire deeper understanding on the mechanism of the human brain.


We have reached a decade where advancement in brain-imaging technology and extensive brain-science research allow us to vividly understand and appreciate other people’s thoughts and emotions. While behavioral, learning or social problems can also be diagnosed through scientific and objective brain-based analysis, these breakthroughs can be more widely applied in providing concrete and effective solutions to reduce existing human exposure to unnecessary troubled-parent-child communication, conflicted-family relationships, failing-school education and or personnel disputes.

Powerful brain performance and health of every citizen in Malaysia is the foundation in securing an overall united, creativity, competitive and truly prosperous society. Our team is ready to help bring this Dream Come True!!